microformer home workouts

Welcome to HiPower At-Home

Don't feel comfortable working out with other humans yet? We got you covered. If you have a Microformer, or need help getting your hands on one, we can help you.  We can't wait to workout with you on this innovative machine. We promise to give you the motivation and effectively programmed workout that you need to keep your mind, body and heart lifted.  

All classes are offered through Vimeo on demand.There are two virtual libraries on Vimeo.  We are offering Microformer Full-Body and Microformer Targeted classes.  You can purchase a single class for $3 - $5 for a 24 hour rental period. You can also subscribe to the entire library.  New videos are added monthly.  


We are also offering private Microformer training:

One-on-one virtual Microformer private session: $75 for 45-minutes
In-home Microformer private session: $100 for 45-minutes
In-home Microformer private session, HiPower brings the Microformer: $150 for 45-minutes

If you are interested in any private Microformer training, please reach out to us at info@hipowerhouse.com


Experience the Microformer

Sebastein Lagree came out with a miniature version of the Lagree Fitness Megaformer in 2019.  These machines are small, one can fit under your bed.  You can get an extremely efficient workout on your Microformer, similar to the Megaformer. If you are interested, click here and use our discount code: KACEYD

Check out this clip of one of our on demand classes that we offer!