HEAD Coach

Debbie Downey

Meet Debbie (@ddowney01) she is in studio teaching on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  She will deliver a muscle quivering workout, with a sweet smile on her face.  Debbie’s class is one you don’t want to miss!

Debbie took her first Lagree Fitness class in 2010, and she will was instantly hooked!  This workout was so incredibly different than anything else that she had ever done.  Debbie is no stranger to fitness, she is a former Barre studio owner, and she is also certified in pilates and yoga. After 2019, it was Lagree or Bust for Debbie.  She loved and believed in this method so much, she finally became Lagree certified and began teaching that year.

This workout challenges, inspires and kicks your booty EVERY SINGLE CLASS and the results prove it!! NO MATTER YOUR AGE OR YOUR FITNESS LEVEL!  Nothing will change your body or your mentality quite like a Lagree class.

Debbie has a love/hate relationship with her favorite moves: Super lunge and Scrambled Eggs

Debbie is a Mother of two beautiful daughters, and a Breast Cancer Survivor We are beyond blessed to have this warrior of a woman on our team.