Studio Manager & HEAD COACH

Alex Dunfee

Meet Alex (@aldunfee).You will find her at HiPower House on Monday and Friday mornings. She may have her furry friend Bogey in town, so get ready for a whole love of love, kindness, sweat and shakiness!

Alex has been passionate about Lagree Fitness ever since her friend introduced it to her almost 7 years ago.

She said, “wow, where did you get those abs? I want some!” and her friend replied, “I go to Lagree. It’s hard, but you would love it!” She was right. After attending her first class, she was hooked (and sore)! It was not like any other workout she had ever done before. Just a few years later, Alex became Lagree Certified and grew an even deeper understanding for the method and wanted to begin helping others with their fitness goals. Having already been a Kindergarten teacher and growing up a soccer player, she had the tools to become what it takes to be a leader and instructor. Alex met Kacey at a previous Lagree studio, (and LOVED her!) and when she was opening HiPower House, well… the rest is history!

Although it might be tough, in Alex’s class you can expect to have fun, positive energy, burning abdominals, and maybe her dog Bogey (@theboges) He has become the honorary mascot of HiPower, and if you know Bogey, he sure knows how to motivate the entire room! Her favorite move is a mega plank to pike, so you might see that challenge thrown in at the end of her routines :) She attends classes regularly and understands “the burn” and how to make each move as effective as possible.

“It doesn’t get easier, you just get STRONGER” One of Alex’s favorite things about this method is that it is such a humbling workout. You think you’re strong until you hop on the Mega! It is SO challenging both mentally and physically. No matter your fitness levels- an athlete, new mom, recovering from an injury, or starting from scratch- It challenges you every time! Otherwise we wouldn’t keep coming, right?! Plus, you can’t argue with the results!