HiPower is not a workout, it's a passion & lifestyle.

After 10+ years of teaching Lagree Fitness in Southern California, Kacey Dapello moved to Arizona and started working with local studios in the Scottsdale area. When the pandemic happened, lives changed and many studios closed. Amid all the upheaval, HiPower House was born with the sole purpose of serving clients who still needed an awesome studio to workout at. We are excited to share that we have finally found a home! And we cannot wait to see our workouts change your life.

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Who HiPower is for

Everyone! Whether you are new to working out, a new mom, a pilates expert, an avid runner, or a professional golfer, Lagree can help you. The best part about the workout is it will not only make you stronger, but build your core and increase flexibility to help you perform in all other areas and activities in life.

We want to lift you up in every way

Building community, stronger bodies and minds through an incredible workout experience. Here's our important HiPower values.

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    SAFETY: Providing first-class safety measures and dedication to cleanliness.
  • 02
    COMPASSION: We sweat, we laugh, we grow, and we challenge each other together as a community.
  • 03
    OPTIMISM: Our trainers bring inspiration and joy to people’s lives through dynamic workouts.
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    CONNECTIVITY: Friendships are made and relationships are built through our challenging Lagree fitness classes.
  • 05
    RESPECT: Building a supportive community for people of all backgrounds and levels of fitness experience.
  • 06
    EMPOWERMENT: Breaking routines and changing lives through encouragement and helping individuals live their best lives.
HiPower House in Arizona - CEO & Founder Kacey Dapello

Meet Kacey, Founder & CEO

Kacey has been in the fitness industry for fifteen years. She is a passionate strategist, body scientist and the engineer behind HiPower House. She believes teaching Lagree fitness is the most fulfilling job in the world, and she loves to help clients reach and surpass their goals, while finding strengths that they never knew they had.

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    Official Master Trainer of Lagree Fitness
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    15+ years of fitness experience
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    10+ years of Lagree Fitness experience
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    Educated in Exercise Science and Occupational Therapy
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Located on the southeast corner of N Hayden and E Thompson Peak Pkwy.

Address: 20567 N. Hayden Rd., Suite #115, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Call Us: 602-899-1443

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