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The safest & best workout in Scottsdale.

Guiding fitness-forward individuals in a supportive community through dynamic high-intensity, low impact workouts, designed to benefit the body, mind, and heart.

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ABOUT hipower house

Physical Benefits

The workout that we perform is called the Lagree Fitness Method.  This is a low impact, high intensity strength training workout is done on a Megaformer.  Your body will experience these benefits from your first workout: increased cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, core strength, and changes in lean muscle mass.

Mental Benefits

Every workout that you engage in at HiPower will increase dopamine and serotonin production during and afterwards. This can lead to a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and increase self-esteem. Enjoying a class at HiPower will force you to focus on nothing else but the exercise itself, and will help strengthen your mind to push past all physical barriers.

Emotional & Heart Benefits

While we hope to help you set new limits for yourself in your workouts, we also want this to bleed into other parts of your life.  We hope to inspire, uplift and motivate you to not only push past the tough parts of class, but to take that esteem and push past the hard parts of life. We want to fill you with hope, light and love.


Doing something truly life changing with the same people on a regular basis can build amazing relationships. We want to welcome you into a community of individuals who lift each other up, cheer on each other and truly care about one another.  At HiPower, we want to celebrate your life achievements with you and be the shoulder that you need when everything else is difficult.

Workouts for all fitness levels

We offer classes for all fitness levels and any move can be modified by your instructor to fit your particular needs. We know that you might want some variety, so we have an array of different classes to fit your needs.

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Our top priority is providing the cleanest & safest studio for your workout

At HiPower, we take pride in offering you a clean atmosphere to enjoy a workout that will truly help your body be in the healthiest state. Check out our policies and health standards below.

HiPower House - COVID-19 safe workout

The HiPower community

We post a lot of content around Lagree fitness and living your healthiest lifestyle. Make sure to check our community blog posts below.

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