Cindy Humphreys

Meet Cindy, @cehumphreys1 She is a fitness lover with a passion for Lagree. You can catch Cindy on Thursday evenings and on the weekends.

In her previous life, Cindy was a stay-at-home mom until her kids were in school and then she worked in the medical field and adoption world as a social worker.  In her current life, she and her husband, Bill, found themselves in Arizona as snowbirds.

Cindy had noticed the HiPower sign while visiting their neighborhood Starbucks and told Bill; “we are going to go give that Pilates place a try.”  Having never taken a Pilates class before they eagerly arrived for their first class in November of 2022.  At the conclusion, after doing the hardest workout they had ever done, they found out they had just taken a Lagree class. They were hooked. (and sore!)

Cindy considers herself a lifelong exercise enthusiast who has always been active and, over the years, has tried nearly every workout method in existence.  Think aerobics, step aerobics, Jazzercise,  CrossFit, to name a few.  Cindy felt instantly that the Lagree Method was the most effective and safest workout she had ever tried.

Cindy felt so strongly about this that she and Bill decided to open their own studio in Missouri and have been diligently working to make this a reality, planning to open in June of 2024.

Cindy loves all things outdoors, including hiking, snow skiing and golfing.  She has three adult children, of whom she is very proud, and a perfect, seven-month-old granddaughter.  She also has three wonderful stepchildren and three step grandchildren.

Cindy believes that feeling good about your body and treating it with the love it deserves is paramount to living your best life.  She can’t wait to connect with you in class.