50 Minutes

HiPower MegaBurn

Are you ready for a challenge? This class is for you and suggested to our clients who have been coming to HiPower Full Body classes for three months or longer. You will be challenged with different spring loads, faster transitions, and more In our challenging MegaBurn class, we use the Lagree Fitness Megaformer to guide you through a group class that will provide you with a total-body high intensity, low impact workout. This method of training will help improve muscular strength and endurance, while focusing on deep core engagement. Your coach help you achieve a slow and controlled pace with short bursts of variations, known as holds and pulses to ignite your muscles and bring them to the point of quivering. Your instructor will push you into fast transitions while achieving progressive overload to completely challenge and change your muscles. You can expect to receive a full body workout, with ample modifications to modify or regress each move to your personal fitness level.challenging moves. This class is still full body, to us, that means core and booty. Get ready to lift your abilities to the next level.

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